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02/27/2012 15:47    Comments: 0    Categories: Horror Movie News      Tags: prometheus  ridley scott  

Ridley Scott Explains Link Between Alien and Prometheus

Written by: The Horror Czar

Prometheus Weyland Yutani Corp

Ridley Scott has apparently talked about the connection between the first Alien movie and Prometheus, and Guy Pearces appearance in the film. In an interview with IC Press. The news arrives via Hungarian website

“When the first ‘Alien’ movie and ‘Blade Runner’ were made, I thought that in the near future the world will be owned by large companies. This is why we have the Tyrell Corporation in ‘Blade Runner’, and Weyland-Yutani in ‘Alien’. They sent the Nostromo spaceship.

The Prometheus is owned by an entrepreneur called Peter Weyland, and is played by Guy Pearce. That’s the connection between the two films, and nothing more. Prometheus is a new film, a new world, and is full of new ideas. And of course new monsters as well.“

Prometheus will be shown in theaters on June 8, 2012.  All indications are that Prometheus will be epic and if it's true we will open our arms to a sequel. 

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Source: AVP

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